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Canadawide Contractors Inc. is a multi-trade and multipurpose contracting firm, which provides services in heating, refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, gas piping, electrical, fire alarm, automation and communications. We have been offering service, maintenance and installations in southern Ontario for over 20 years. Serving our customers since 1995, our knowledge, experience and professional indemnity set us apart from others and enable us to have a flexible approach to projects and working partnerships. Throughout our existence as a company, we have developed a healthy relationship with our customers and suppliers to service all of their needs. Our staff of professionals provides expertise and reliability when we are working for our valued clients. The project management team here at Canadawide Contractors Inc. enables us to provide a comprehensive package of services to all of our clients. We can source a range of equipment from a variety of suppliers, with particular emphasis on increased energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, as well as reduced operating costs.

Canadawide Heating and Cooling

Canadawide Heating & Cooling Inc. deals with the installation and servicing of all heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment. This includes ductwork, furnaces, ventilation, and cooling (to name just a few). We carry out heating, cooling and electrical services for commercial, industrial, retail and custom home projects.

Canadawide Electrical Contractors

Canadawide Electrical Contractors provide services such as electrical installations, repairs and maintenance to keep your systems operating in a safe and efficient manner. We offer a broad range of services such as the installation of new and commercial wiring, electrical hook-ups and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and thermal scan imaging (to name a few). These are only a few of the numerous services that we deliver. By being proactive, we can reduce the risk of unplanned shut downs and failures in your facility.



Superior Electrical Solutions


Canadawide Contractors Inc.

  • We offer solutions such as new electrical installations and wiring services for restaurants, plazas, box stores and retail outlets (to name a few).
  • We provide wiring services and install automated controls, telephones and cameras.
  • We conduct services on emergency lighting and back-up generators.

Canadawide Heating & Cooling Inc.

  • We install and repair: rooftop units, split systems, make-up units; and, heating and air units.
  • We can repair and install the following within a commercial setting: walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, kitchen equipment, kitchen hood exhaust fans, welded duct, gas trains and connections, stove burners, refrigeration, line equipment, ice machines, steam tables and stainless steel counters.
  • We have the ability to install gas hook-ups (kitchen train) for ovens and other appliances.
  • We engage in remote temperature probes and food equipment monitoring.
  • Stainless Steel Counters: we construct the suit of the counter and customize it based on the size of a particular area.


Canadawide Electric

  • We supply services for processing and manufacturing plants; we also work on and install motor controls, PLC’s, assembly lines and much more.

Canadawide Heating and Cooling

  • We have the ability to connect and service large machines, industrial burners and ovens; air, gas, water and nitrogen lines; in addition to various pieces of equipment in the processing and manufacturing sectors
  • We also provide processing equipment, blast chillers and clean rooms.


Whether you’re building a new facility, remodelling your current building or fixing an electrical, plumbing, heating or cooling issue, Canadawide Contractors’ team of trained professionals gets the job done correctly and efficiently.

Our licensed electricians can assist you with all your electrical needs for your retail business. Canadawide Contractors provides exceptional services for all types of retail remodeling and renovations. Our team of experts will help you install new track lighting for your retail space and handle the electrical re-wiring needed when you expand your store.

We can install or repair your business’s electrical system thoroughly, such as upgrading your current system and replacing necessary components. At Canadawide Contractors, we make it our mission to help retail owners complete their projects in a timely, quality manner.


Low and High-Rise Condominiums and Specialized Custom Homes

Canadawide Electric

  • New home wiring complete with service upgrades
  • Design and installation of all home automation including voice, data, CCTV cameras, security, audio, television and monitors throughout the entire home.
  • Specialized lighting/receptacle solutions

Canadawide Heating and Cooling

  • Canadawide delivers the following services for low and high rise condominiums, as well as custom homes:
    Custom duct work, air-conditioning, split-systems, furnaces, geo-thermal systems exhaust systems, kitchen exhausts, heating equipment, in-floor heating, heated driveways and boilers such as hot water tanks. These boilers prove to be extremely effective and useful for low and high-rise condo units, as well as custom homes.



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Our electrical, heating and cooling specialists within southern Ontario are able to offer a 24-hour call out and emergency response service to all of our commercial and industrial clients. If you require an emergency electrical, heating and cooling inspection or consultation.
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