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Air Conditioning

The air conditioning systems that we offer range from comfort cooling used in individual offices, to larger systems for hotels, large retail outlets and other leisure facilities. We are widely recognized as having the experience, resources and credentials to bring you high-quality and custom solutions. We provide a complete service, consisting of design, installation and maintenance. Our team is proficient and experienced in the latest air conditioning technologies. We have the ability to change air filters and belts; and to ensure that all of our machines are functioning as efficiently as possible. There are a variety of options available, all ranging in size and capacity. (Here are a few).

1. Centralized systems: The refrigeration equipment delivers cooling through air handling unit(s) and / or pumped water circuits.

2. Individual split systems: A single ‘outdoor unit’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment, which is connected to an individual ‘indoor unit’ delivering cooling.

3. Multi-split systems: One or more ‘outdoor units’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment are each connected to a number of ‘indoor units’ delivering cooling. They may also be called ‘multi-split package units,’ which include variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems.


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