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New installations, emergency services and repairs

Canadawide Electrical Contractors are able to engage in virtually any type of electrical installation and service. We can also provide insight and design a variety of electrical equipment.
Our qualified team of electricians can perform a wide-range of electrical services, including all types of installation and maintenance procedures, as well as testing and inspections. The services that our electrical contractors offer include:

  • Electrical Installations & Maintenance
  • Thermal Scans
  • Fire alarms
  • Testing & Electrical Inspections
  • Machine Maintenance/ Breakdowns/Repairs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Data Communications
  • Automated Motor Controls/Motors
  • Complete Back Up Generators/Solutions (different sizes to accommodate specific situations)
  • VOIP
  • Audio/Sound/CCTV (cameras)
  • Lighting
  • Motors (inspection and monitoring of motors)
  • Transformers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Automated Assembly Lines

Building electrical services

Our skilled team of qualified electricians at Canadawide Electrical Contractors is able to offer a selection of installations, repairs and electrical maintenance service throughout Ontario.

If you require any new wiring, lighting, equipment power, or repair services, then please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

If you would like a free, no-obligation quotation or consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable electrician, contact us via telephone or email.


Emergency lighting and retrofits

Canadawide Electrical provides and installs cost efficient lighting retrofits to improve any lighting levels. This will facilitate a conducive working environment and increase productivity, as an employee’s overall visibility will improve. We use different lighting solutions such as LED lighting, induction lighting T-8 and T-5 to complete this process.

Canadawide Heating and Cooling retrofits old and outdated equipment that is not energy efficient such as residential and commercial boilers, chillers and air-conditioning systems. We also retrofit antiquated commercial refrigeration equipment and industrial process equipment.


Fire alarm service and repairs

Fire alarms are vital in ensuring the safety and protection of individuals in all industrial settings. Therefore, it is essential that these systems be tested and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are fully functioning and have no electrical deficiencies that would prevent them from functioning properly. We can provide a range of installations for fire exit signs, battery packs and DC heads. Emergency lighting also requires regular testing to ensure that it meets the proper health and safety regulations and protocols.


Communication/Data cabling

The highly trained commercial electricians at Canadawide Electrical Contractors are able to provide a wide range of electrical services including data communications and CCTV systems. We are able to design, install and maintain most CCTV and data communication systems in Southern Ontario and local surrounding areas. As part of the quality services that we provide, we engage in a thorough analysis of our systems and products, which are carried out by our professional electricians.
We understand the importance of security, providing industrial-grade solutions that block unauthorized access to your network, yet are flexible enough to permit connections for remote home workers. The use of superior hardware and installation of fallback systems ensures zero downtime, and off-site backup solutions give the peace of mind that your data will always be safe and secure.

The data communications services that Canadawide offers include:

  • Ethernet Local Area Network
  • Internet Setup – Data Backup (on-site and off-site)
  • Network Security
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Telephone & Paging Systems/Card Access
  • Private Lines
  • Converged Network (Voice, Video, Data)
  • Point-Of-Sale Networking and Cabling
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Canadawide Contractors supplies complete voice and data cabling service to industrial and commercial operations. We strive to ensure that the right structured cabling and network infrastructure is in place. Our data-cabling systems will inform you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong and how best to improve your network.


Thermal scans and imaging

Through our non-intrusive thermal scans and imaging technology, Canadawide can easily detect potential problems in the workplace. Our thermal imaging devices employ infrared technology in order to detect the fluctuation in temperature with any equipment. The thermal scan and imaging technology that we use can also detect overheating circuits, fuses, circuit breakers, motors, wiring, switches, disconnects, bus bars, electrical faults and damaged circuit breakers.


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