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Commercial rooftop heating & cooling systems

Our packaged rooftop units embody innovation and ingenuity. With modern technological features, in addition to a simple installation process, we offer durable systems that provide tremendous comfort in all areas of commercial, industrial, retail and custom residential settings. We pride ourselves on eco-friendly thinking and reasoning when it comes to both our products and services, which is why as a company, we want to facilitate the best IAQ levels with our rooftop heating and cooling systems. The rooftop heating and cooling systems that we supply are intricately designed and minimize energy consumption.



The chiller equipment that we offer provides the appropriate temperature, ventilation and humidity for any given area. We sell, maintain and service the chillers. These chillers are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and produces minimal sound, reducing the likelihood of any distraction. They remove heat from a particular environment and provide cooling to individual high and low rise condo units, in addition to various tenant spaces. We supply chillers to commercial entities as well. In terms of the maintenance of the chillers, we clean them, inspect the gaskets and check the pressure levels.



Canadawide Heating & Cooling is the leading refrigeration specialist for the catering and food processing industry within the GTA. Our team has carried out major design and installation projects such as: cold and freezer rooms, commercial catering freezers, ice generators, chilled production facilities, blast chillers and food processors. We have conducted these projects for various companies in the dairy, meat and produce sectors throughout Ontario. Our project teams have carried out developments for laboratories, clean, freezer, cold and temperature-controlled rooms; temperature mapping, temperature-controlled cabinets, ultra low temperature freezers, raw materials rooms and freeze dryers. We are manufacture independent and work with customers to offer the ultimate refrigeration solutions and complete turnkey packages, which best meet their needs. Our products are designed with a focus on energy savings of up to 25% over traditional applications, incorporating temperature-monitoring systems.


Ventilation Systems

The ventilation systems that we install and sell contain automated controls, which can ameliorate the quality of air in any given setting. People can dictate, based on their preferences, the temperature of the air coming from the outside. These ventilation systems, in conjunction with motorized dampers, monitor the amount of outdoor air entering an indoor facility. Our ventilation systems work with both heating and cooling systems. They bring in fresh air while maintaining energy efficiency. The ventilation systems are low maintenance and have low energy solution.


Heat Pumps and Geo-thermal Systems

The heat pumps and geothermal systems that we supply can perform various functions. They are quiet, have great longevity and require little maintenance. These heat pumps and geothermal systems enable a consistent and uniform temperature in any room or surface area. The geothermal systems that we supply and install can primarily be found in a high-end custom home setting. The heat pumps that we input can be found in high and low-rise condominiums.


Make-up Air Equipment

Our selection of make-up air equipment is constructed for commercial and industrial applications. They can be custom-made to meet your requirements or preferences. Our make-up air equipment can quickly heat make-up air in an efficient manner. Our make-up air equipment includes winter filter sections, which enable year round filtration, especially in colder climates.


Preventive Maintenance Programs

At Canadawide, we engage in a program known as ‘preventive maintenance.’ Through systematic inspection and investigation, our certified personnel participate in preventive maintenance in order to ensure a company’s equipment and facilities are in an acceptable operating condition. Our preventive maintenance program consists of comprehensive tests, adjustments, measurements and part replacement to mitigate the likelihood of equipment malfunction from occurring. As a company, our philosophy, when it comes to this program, is to prevent any equipment failure before it occurs.


Air Conditioning

The air conditioning systems that we offer range from comfort cooling used in individual offices, to larger systems for hotels, large retail outlets and other leisure facilities. We are widely recognized as having the experience, resources and credentials to bring you high-quality and custom solutions. We provide a complete service, consisting of design, installation and maintenance. Our team is proficient and experienced in the latest air conditioning technologies. We have the ability to change air filters and belts; and to ensure that all of our machines are functioning as efficiently as possible. There are a variety of options available, all ranging in size and capacity. (Here are a few).

1. Centralized systems: The refrigeration equipment delivers cooling through air handling unit(s) and / or pumped water circuits.

2. Individual split systems: A single ‘outdoor unit’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment, which is connected to an individual ‘indoor unit’ delivering cooling.

3. Multi-split systems: One or more ‘outdoor units’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment are each connected to a number of ‘indoor units’ delivering cooling. They may also be called ‘multi-split package units,’ which include variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems.


HVAC Systems

These systems encompass a very large scale of diverse technologies that can be offered here at Canadawide. The goal of our HVAC systems is to provide a healthy level of thermal comfort and air quality. Our HVAC systems have the ability to control the ambient temperature, replenish oxygen, eliminate carbon dioxide, airborne bacteria, smoke, dust, heat, moisture and odours in any given space.

With our unique and knowledgeable staff, we are more than confident that we can provide customers with the premium products and services they deserve. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Rooftop heating & air conditioning units
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Swimming Pool Dehumidification
  • Digital Control Systems
  • Ventilation
  • Make-Up Air Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Split Systems
  • Thermal Heating


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